Business Professionals:

Join us for the monthly TAG* Event

Every Month

(except December, which we skip)

The Last Wednesday of the Month

(except November when it’s the third Wednesday)

At a Different Local Business

*Thurston Advertising Group organizes this free, fun, freestyle event 11 times each year to promote more and better relationships between local businesspeople. Sponsors include:

  • Community Values, Lee & Babs Townsend, Founders
  • Coffee News, Danny Stusser
  • KAYO/KGY, Nick Kerry
  • Design N Signs, Jon & Monique Fisher
  • Thane Bryenton, Honorary Ambassador

For more information about this Coffee News advertiser, call 360-357-1000.

Watch a 2-minute video to learn whether Coffee News might be a good fit for your business by clicking here or just call us on 360-357-1000.