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Cathy Rivers, you CHANGED my life!  I know that’s a bold statement but it’s absolutely true.  Your guidance and reading of my Human Design chart was like a gigantic A HA!  

For so many years, I tried to act like “everyone else” and exhausted myself with the effort.  Once you explained my Human Design to me I saw that my unique way of seeing the world was absolutely perfect! Finally, I could start to really appreciate my own gifts and talents and stop making myself wrong for everything that was right about me.

The best part?  My business has really taken off because I was finally able to use my energy in the most efficient manner, look for the “right” invitations rather than try and “force” things to happen. 

I highly recommend that if you’re ready to really step into your most powerful self,  schedule a session to chat with Cathy.  Trust me – your life will never be the same! (and that’s a GOOD thing!!)

~ Shannon Presson, Coach, Trainer, Speaker, ShannonPresson.com

Over my 12+ years as a technology entrepreneur, I started three different companies.  I sunk all of my heart, soul and funds into my last company and had to put the company on the shelf for business and personal reasons.  I was at a point where I had no money, no real job prospects and a family to take care of.  Also, I was dealing with the end of my company and various levels of doubts about myself as a business person and a provider for my family.  With all of this emotion and doubt, I  found it hard to move forward in life and I was so confused as to why I was not successful which only made it more difficult to focus on “getting a job”.

I was introduced to Cathy by my wife to offer some assistance and guidance.  Boy, did she ever!  Cathy leveraged the science of human design and worked with me to best understand who I am, my strengths and weaknesses.  Through Cathy’s abilities, generous listening and spot-on coaching, I went from no job prospects to creating a job with a new technology company in just few weeks.  With Cathy’s insights and coaching, I was finally able to understand and own my value such that I could inspire and motivate a company to create a position for me and hire me!

Thank you Cathy for opening up my eyes to who I am so I can be the business person, husband and father that I am today.

~ Jeff, Technology Entrepreneur

Remember that moment in The Wizard of Oz movie where everything shifts from unyielding black and white to glorious technicolor?  That’s what it’s like to work with Cathy Rivers.  One of the tools she uses is the Human Design model, but the  insights that bring the model to life are all Cathy’s.  It has been emancipating to my whole way of being to recognize, honor and rely on my own unique decision-making style.  Gone is the brick wall.  Gone is the toed line.  Present is the sunrise of opportunity to be in this world AS I AM.
~ Leslie Salisbury Demich, Owner, Body in Balance Jin Shin Jyustu

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