“Truth Supports Everything and Everything is Love”

Blame & rejection amplify & avoid pain, causing more pain.
Learn to navigate this terrain & return to the wholeness of your soul.
In healing ourselves, we help heal our world.


On-Going Gifts of Being Classes
7:00-8:30 pm / Drop-In / Donation
1st three Mondays of each month
Heart of Wellness • Tumwater
Kim Lincoln

Facilitator Kim Lincoln • 360-866-9234


Navigating the Landscape of Your Soul

The entire universe is in your body and you need not be afraid of it.” –Upanishads

~Authoring Your Life & Living Your Potential from The Radiant Flow Of Being~

         You are about to embark on a great adventure and the adventure is you. Here you will pioneer a terrain vaguely remembered, yet with practice, each time you return more of your true nature will be revealed. As you learn to navigate this essential terrain, you will develop powerful skills to further grow life enhancing change.

         Our soul essences uniquely highlight various aspects of the human journey; shedding light on the confusion of misunderstandings of conditioning and false beliefs we have mistaken to be our own.

As we learn to discern and differentiate our pure nature, that which is not falls away, exposing the preciousness of our Being. Only then can true healing occur, and the perceived separation be experienced as whole.

         The subtle body of our Soul is a living Guidance, an Intelligence. It is the Innate Wisdom of our Authentic Self, the Beloved; a Matrix birthing potentiality, Love creating life ready to be actualized any moment. This is Source energy, the great Mystery, Grace. It is the Divine poetry of our Quantum nature…ancient are these teachings, simple and direct is the Way.

The Terrain of Essence methodology is an experiential process of discovering and living from our authentic nature.   

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