We ain’t afraid of no mess!

Time To Get Organized

 Closet, Garage or Attic
 Home or Office
 Prepare for a Move or Major Life Change




Lynn Lee – 539-9097

“Lynn did not exhibit one ounce of fear, or express one iota of judgment. She simply rolled up her sleeves, assessed the situation, designed a plan of attack, and went at it.” ~ Nora

We’re here to help with all aspects of your life. 

Home Organization

Whether it’s over-flowing closets, disorganized kitchens, the ‘catch-all’ spare room, the basement hiding spot, the garage which you would love to park the car in or the attic with decades worth of “stuff,” we can help you liberate space, get rid of what you no longer want, and have a tidy place where you can actually find things!

Filing and Office Organization

Are you struggling with paperwork? We can help figure out what’s important, set up a filing system that suits your needs, reduce junk mail and set up systems to keep everything maintained.

Preparing Your Home for Sale

Planning on putting your house on the market?  Clutter is your worst enemy.  You need to present a home which is inviting and clutter-free.  We can help you figure out what can be sold or donated, what can go and what can be packed and stored so your house will allow potential buyers to see themselves in their new home.

Moving Out?

We can take the worry and hassle of packing out of your hands: making sure only the possessions you really want to take with you get packed, arranging for donated items to find new homes and ensuring that the trash doesn’t find its way into your boxes.  Some traditional movers will pack everythingincluding your trash, so you end up paying for more packing materials and transportation costs, arriving at your new home with all the problems you were trying to leave behind.

Moving In?

We can unpack and make sure everything is in the right place so you can enjoy your new home without having to spend weeks looking at all those boxes waiting for you to find the time to work on them.

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