April 10, 2014 | Posted in:Coffee News, Small Business

We’ve designed the business to be easy on the planet. Our environmental practices have earned us three consecutive recognitions as a “Thurston Green Business” from the Thurston County Chamber of Commerce and the local governments. Included in our efforts are these:
•     Paper Sourcing: We print Coffee News on stock containing 30% post-consumer recycled fiber from a
manufacturer certified under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® Program.
•     Printing:  We print Coffee News on our own Riso RZ990 digital duplicator.
This ENERGY STAR Certified machine uses 95% less energy than toner-based
systems and reduces printing paper waste to less than .0024 percent.
•     Green Power:  We participate in Puget Sound Energy’s Green Power Program,
in which we purchase a portion of our electricity generated by regional wind,
solar and biomass initiatives.
•     Print Count Management:  We carefully plan the number of papers we print
for every location, and count returned copies so we can make weekly adjustments.
•     Delivery Route Optimization: All 10 delivery routes are expert engineered to minimize miles driven.  Two
routes are delivered on foot, with distance travel completed using public transportation services.
•     Permission-Based Delivery: All deliveries are made to locations for which we have received permission to
deliver — there is zero delivery waste, as none are dropped without assurance that they are welcome and will
be displayed.
•     Waste Paper Recycling: Nearly 100% of our returned copies and office paper waste are collected for recycling.