AUE LOGO“I began advertising in the Coffee News late last fall. Danny met with me and took the time help me craft ads which have proven to be some of the most successful advertising I’ve deployed in my 15 years in business.

“In the last six months, I’ve seen: A 10:1 ratio of inquires; Coffee News vs. yellow pages. (I’ll be cutting back my yellow pages advertising as a result!);

“An increase in overall call rate which mirrors the above ratio, an average of at least two calls per week;

“More callers who have already decided they ‘want to get it done’ even before they call.”

GreggGregg Taylor
Access Unlimited Excavating, Olympia
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FC LOGO“In April 2008 when I started advertising in Coffee News, I started from zero.  No customers, no reputation, just an idea and a name.  Fortunately, I received calls within the first week, and they came steadily for the first year.

“My first 20 clients came from the Coffee News advertisement.

“A few weeks ago I went to a new client’s house, and she told me that I ‘look just like the picture in the paper’ and that when she saw my picture in Coffee News she said ‘that’s a trustworthy face.  She looks like someone I would let into my house.’

“My business wouldn’t be as successful as it is without Coffee News.”

janetJanet Myers
Freestyle House Keeping, Winlock
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