What are your environmental efforts?

We’ve designed the business to be easy on the planet. Our environmental practices have earned us three consecutive recognitions as a “Thurston Green Business” from the Thurston County Chamber of Commerce and the local governments. Read our blog post for more info.

I know of a restaurant that should have Coffee News, but doesn’t. Can I help get it there?

We are always looking for new distribution spots. Please tell us more about it.

How many people are involved in Coffee News?

There are up to nine of us who will work for you. Read about us and our stories here.
• Danny Stusser, publisher, will be your first point of contact with us and will help you to develop concepts for your ads.
• Erin Korntved, editor and designer, creates the print-ready materials and will email you proofs.
• Jen Templeton, office manager, deals with the money.
• Thomas Bousquet, Leo Frare, Michelle Grisel, John Hadwin, Brett Lemon, and Jim Lutz deliver the papers by hand to the 600+ restaurants, coffee shops, hotels and state office cafeterias and lunch-rooms throughout Grays Harbor, Lewis, Mason and Thurston Counties.

How do I get started advertising in Coffee News?

That’s the easy part – just call (360) 357-1000 or 1-800-548-2060, and we can get started or set a time to meet.

Or you can fill out the form here.

Many of our advertisers work with us entirely over the telephone, to save time. Our one-page Advertiser Agreement will come to you via fax or email attachment. We also like to meet face-to-face whenever practical. Email your logos, photographs and other graphic components. We’ll interview you to learn about who your prospects are and what appeals to them regarding your products and services. Following this, we’ll go to work: write some headlines, show you the best of them, develop the rest of the copy and optimize photos and graphics. Then we’ll email you ad “proofs” to approve or modify. The whole process is quick and (usually) enjoyable.

How do you pick the contest winner?

We receive between 400 – 500 contest entries each month. Once a month, we number the contest entries that we have received by mail and email. Then we enter the total number of entries into a random number generator, and it chooses a number. The entry with the chosen number is the winner, unless they have already won within the past 12 months.