It takes a small village to produce and deliver Coffee News each week.

Here are our stories:


animatebill“Little Bill”

Coffee News Mascot

He travels around the world as the CN Guy.

In other places he operates under various alias, including: “Little Pete”, “Wally”, “Guy”, as in “CN Guy,” “Bob” and “Coffee Bob”, “Joe” as in a “Cup of Joe,” and, suspiciously as just “The Coffee News Man.” His girlfriend, seen only at Business Expo in Shelton and Business Showcase in Lacey, is “Irene.” [Don’t know why. We think she should be called “I lean.”]

Danny Stusser

Owner, Publisher

Danny started publishing Coffee News in December 2004. Prior to this for 20 years he was self-employed as a marketing consultant to telecommunications systems vendors and as an industry analyst and journalist. His inspiration is the guy who appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show, spinning plates on the tops of broomsticks.

jerryJerry Cummings

Owner, Publisher of Mason County Coffee News

Jerry assumed the Mantle of “Publisher” for the Mason County editions of Coffee News in May of 2015.  The New Kid on the Block, he is reveling in the Coffee as he catches up on the News.  He brings a plethora (just because its fun to say “plethora”) of life and professional experience, including Radio, Newspaper, and Entrepreneurship.  He is a Doctor of Philosophy in Literature and History, and now, when he is not running up and down the streets yelling “EXTRA! EXTRA!!” he is likely to be found consulting small business owners and professionals in the fine points of how to tell their story, or else he’ll be curled up with his iPad in a Coffee Shop writing his next book.

Jennifer Templeton

Office Manager

Jen’s been keeping things rolling around here since September 2005.  From bookkeeping, to project management, to keeping up client relations, Jen does about a hundred things around our office. She wows the staff with her  amazing scrapbook creations.

florenceFlorence Jonen

Sales Representative

Florence just couldn’t stay away.  She worked with Coffee News a few years back and kept a close eye on things while away.  Deciding to come back was a great decision. Florence enjoys talking with business owners every day.  She says there is never a dull moment.   Her family keeps her busy if work doesn’t.  She’s been married for 36 years and has three great kids — actually we should say young adults.

Erin Korntved

Graphic Designer, Production Editor

Erin has her hands all over Coffee News. She designs most of the ads you see in Coffee News, compiles the weekly “What’s Happening” events, and also does the layout and printing of our ten weekly editions. We print using ink, not toner, so you may see her inky fingerprint on your copy of Coffee News. Erin is a friend to all felines and lives with a black-and-white cat named Mr. Cool.

judyJudy Arensmeyer

Graphic designer, print products producer

Judy started with us November 1, 2011, our first day in our new location in Tumwater. Has a degree in fine arts and is a trained painter and illustrator, as well as Adobe software jockey (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop). A couple times each year she fills in for Erin. In addition to her work here, she uses dry mediums to sketch and draw wildlife.




 BLBrett Lemon

Lacey, State Offices and Yelm Area Delivery Contractor

Brett started July 2010. He comes to the office once each week, generally Wednesday mornings, and trades his boxes of return copies for full boxes with fresh papers. He doesn’t like to chat, but will return a hello.




JHJohn Hadwin

North Mason Delivery Contractor

John has reliably delivered for us since October 2007. He is also a US mail delivery contractor, and receives papers from us in a box we mail to his PO … box 666!




TBThomas and Bobbi Bousquet

Grays Harbor Delivery Contractor

Husband and wife Thomas and Bobbi have delivered for us since December 2008. They live outside of Elma, and usually come to our offices on Tuesday afternoon.




Reliable Enterprises

Lewis County Delivery Contractor

Reliable Enterprises finds work for individuals with disabilities and provides residential and other services for them as well. We contract with this firm to get the deliveries made, and they use the position as a training opportunity for some of their clients. A (new to us) staff member organizes which client and job coach will deliver the papers from week to week.


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