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in Thurston or Lewis Counties in western Washington?

Thanks for your interest and readership from 2005-2016.

We discontinued publication at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic

and do not intend to resume publishing it in Thurston County. 

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Coffee News franchise, please visit www.CoffeeNews.com

But wait, there’s something new!

In May 2020 the same people who brought you Coffee News in Olympia, Lacey and Tumwater began publishing The JOLT, serving up original local news stories Monday through Friday.

Independent, locally owned, nonpartisan local journalism for Thurston County.

To try our FREE daily news summary, The Daily JOLT, click here: https://theJOLT.news

To see the news site, click here:  https://www.thejoltnews.com/

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What Is Coffee News

Short and sweet, Coffee News is a single-sheet weekly publication designed to be read in 7-10 minutes. Instantly recognizable due to its trademark design, black ink on tan 11” x 17” paper, it is designed to motivate readers to open

Who designs the ads?

Our in-house designer creates most of the (good-looking) ads you see in Coffee News. We charge only $35.00 (one-time) to design your first ads.  And remember, we’re happy to change your ad — or make an entirely new one —